Terms and Conditions


 "Account"  Means your Gaspay electronic wallet account which is:
(a) Manage and supervised by Gaspay Solution;
(b) Connected to the telephone number of your Mobile Device;
 “Activate”  Means the point in time when the Account is activated for use;
 “App”  Means software application named as “Gaspay Solution”
 “GASPAY SOLUTION” or “we” or “us” or "our"  Means GASPAY
 “FAQ”  Means frequently asked questions as made available on [Website]
 “Participating Merchant(s)”  Merchants designated by C&C to sell goods and/or services in exchange for the Electronic   Money by means of the App;
 “Service(s)”  Means an electronic wallet service provided by C&C which enables you to perform the   Transaction
 “T&C”  Means these terms and conditions for the Service, included those incorporated by   reference, as may be varied or modified from time to time at C&C’s sole discretion;
 “Transaction”  Means the transaction performed via the Service including:
(a) Payment
(b) Top Up
(c) Withdrawal
 “Wallet Limit”  Means the maximum amount of funds that can be store in your Account at any point in   time. (Current Wallet Limit $5000.00TTD). We reserve the right to revise the Wallet Limit   in   accordance with any regulations/instruction prescribed by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (CBTT).
“Wallet Service” Means to use the mobile device as a digital wallet platform to:
(a) make payments at merchant point-of-sale terminals or readers that accept payment using C&C Wallet, and
(b) make in-app or other digital commerce payments at participating merchants; and
(c) related services provided in Trinidad & Tobago through Gaspay and its affiliates.
“You” or “Your” Means the person who uses and/or accesses the Services
“Password and PIN” Means the password used to log into the App and the PIN is used to authorize every transaction from the wallet

1. The Scope of Use


The T&C only governs the legal relationship between you, Gaspay and the Wallet Services. These T&C do not apply to your use of unaffiliated sites, product or services to which Gaspay may include links or access to third party services. Such access will not be construed as an endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation.
You agree that you will use the Wallet Service in accordance with applicable law and will not use it for any illegal or fraudulent purposes, or purposes that are prohibited by these T&C. Gaspay has the right to take preventive or corrective actions to protect itself and its users.


You are prohibited from using the Wallet Service in respect of the following:
(a) For fraudulent purposes, or with an intention to commit criminal offence or other unlawful, indecent or immoral activity;
(b) Person under the age of 18 years (“Minor”) may not use the Wallet Service unless their parent or legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to these T&C. If you are a parent or guardian permitting a Minor to use this Wallet Service, you agree to:
-exercise supervision over the Minor’s use of the Wallet Service;
-assume all risks associated with the Minor’s use of the Wallet Service;
-assume all liabilities resulting from the Minor’s use of the Wallet Service, including applicable payment obligation;
-ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of all information submitted by the Minor.


To use the services, you must create an account and register for a GASPAY Wallet. You shall provide us with the required information for identification, in order for us to assess your eligibility for the Wallet Account.

 1.3  You must provide current, complete and accurate information and maintain it as current and accurate during your register for and use of the Services. You shall inform GASPAY immediately of any changes or alterations required to the information that you had provided upon registering. You can access and update much of the information you had provided us. GASPAY may require you to provide additional information as a condition of continued of the services or in order to allow you to start using a new service, or to assist in determining whether to permit you to continue to use the services. You agree to provide such information as GASPAY may require in this regard, including information necessary to validate your identity or confirm the authenticity of any Banking Account which you register for the use of GASPAY SOLUTION.
 1.4  The App is only available on a Mobile Device and is strictly for user own personal use only as subscriber of the Service. Any instructions, confirmation and/or communication sent from your Mobile Device shall be deemed to have been sent and/or issued by you irrespective of whether such instructions, confirmation and/or communication were actually sent by you or not. You shall be personally liable and responsible for the use of your account including but not limited to all transactions undertaken and/or transacted using the Account, once the said transaction has been Authenticated irrespective of whether the transaction is undertaken and/or transacted by you unless it can be established that such transaction was erroneously transacted by GASPAY SOLUTION.